Special Guest Series: meet Clare Bourne!

Welcome to the first in my Special Guest Series, where each week I introduce a brilliant mum and woman in business - who brings her own wisdom and insights to motherhood and helping other women.

This week, I am so pleased to have Clare open the series. Clare is a Pelvic Health Physio and mummy to two. I personally love following Clare's personal experience and advice on her Instagram page - she shines a much needed and valuable spotlight on pelvic health as well as correctly getting back into postnatal exercise. Hello Clare...

Company / Blog name: @clarebournephysio on Instagram. Clare works at @sixphysio , @mummytribe and @fiit - so quite the CV!

Hi Clare, thanks for being here - tell us about yourself

I'm Clare and I'm a pelvic health physio in London so I care for women and men with any problems related to the pelvic region, focusing on pelvic floor health. I'm really passionate about pre and postnatal care and looking after mums during pregnancy and as they transition into motherhood and their postnatal recovery. I'm also a mum to two gorgeous kiddies, a 3 year old girl and an 8 week old little boy. My husband is a GP and we discuss in depth how we could all support mums better.

What was your top learning as a new mummy?

To trust my instincts and not compare

Where do turn to to gain parenting knowledge?

I have loved all the books by Sarah Ockwell-Smith. Also chatting to some mums just the step ahead of me and my own mum.

What are your top 3 self care practices that you recommend to other mums?

  1. Focus in the day to day small things- like enough water

  2. Involve your kids in your self care...like trips to the hairdresser if needed. Showing them you care for yourself is a great way to role model!

  3. Movement and exercise however that looks will help so much....oh and pelvic floor exercises can be done anywhere!!

What was your biggest baby step (milestone) as a mother?

Learning it is ok to spend some time away including navigating returning to work

Thank you Clare

If you want to learn a little more, I highly recommend following Clare on Instagram @clarebournephysio - she provides such a valuable free resource into women's pelvic health - something I have and am benefiting from myself.

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