Hosting a Baby Shower in Lockdown

Updated: May 12, 2020

Nobody saw Lockdown coming and so I expect there are lots of disappointed new mummy-to-be’s. It really is

totally ok to feel all the emotions. This is a strange and unsettling time.

But, it does not mean that you/she have/has to forgo the baby shower all together – you can still have one (or host a surprise one for your lovely friend, sister, daughter).

You could keep it super simple, and have a natter with some fizz. I have pulled together a few other touches and ideas you could also incorporate, that can be done remotely.

1. Have a surprise bundle delivered to her door. Either make up a party package (some ideas below, but could include fizz, a balloon, a mummy-to-be sash, party games pack, cards and more), or order one online. I love the packages from Bonjour Baby Showers (HERE) - the Complete Baby Shower in a Box - which includes bunting, confetti, games and more. If the mum-to-be is living with her partner or family, they could set the decorations up as a surprise (The VIP will have to be banished to another room for a while!)

Gift the Baby Shower in a Box
Bonjour Baby Showers

2. Magical moments: All guests and loved ones can contribute to creating a lovely video montage wishing the wonderful couple all the best with the imminent arrival of their little one. If the baby shower is a surprise, you could even announce that now the mother should log into zoom (other providers available) as she has some special people waiting for her!

3. Zoom zoom zoom: into the virtual baby shower. Invite all the guests to the party for some games, pampering, a chatter, and toasting. Whatever the lovely mum-to-be desires. Tip : Zoom only allows video conferences for a max. of 40 minutes. They often do unlimited introductory/ first time offers though. Or other platforms can also work well. House Party is another favorite and could work nicely for setting up a surprise.

4. Games are a game changer. You can still host some fun games virtually – some of the classics will work nicely. Here are some ideas: i) Mr and Mrs style quizzes. I had this at my baby shower and both me and my partner were given the same quiz including how many children we would both like in total? (awkward?), what our favourite names are? Whether we think a girl or boy? Who is going to he the stricter parent? What has the mothers greatest craving has been? ii) Baby Predictions. You can get beautiful prediction cards delivered to all guests/ home addresses- or they can just write their own out on some paper. If they send them in the post to the special mother-to-be after the event, she can collate and read these in the lead up to and once baby has arrived. I always think this would be a nice touch. iii) Wishes for Baby. Advice for mum. All guests can write this down (doesn’t have to be during the video call itself) and then post to the mother after the event. iv) Artists Impression. All guests takes a paper plate, place it over their face, and have one minute to draw (essentially blindfolded) what they think the new baby will look like. The mummy-to-be gets to choose the winner (the prize is down to you!). So, who will the baby look like?!!

5. Say it with books. All the guests at my baby shower for my firstborn gifted my daughter their favourite book growing up – something of real meaning. It was lovely. I love looking at and reading many of the books with my daughter now (she is 2.5 years old) and remembering who gifted them before she was even born. Such a special gift for the baby. A little hand written note made it all-the-more personal. You could even arrange for a local bookshop to collate the books (i.e. a book listing and gift list is created by the host of the party, each guest purchases the book of their choice and the small, local bookstore delivers it to the guest of honour on the day).

Reading really does spark adventure
Dr Seuss - reading really does spark adventure

6. FaceTime – literally! Why not create masks of the VIPs face for all the guests. When she logs onto the video call, she will be presented with a page of her own reflection back at her! You could even do a reveal of who is behind each mask!

7. Party bags. If you can, why not get party packages sent to all the guests ahead of time, so that they have many of the fun props mentioned above ready for the big event. If the guests are local, you can always drop the packages off to them by foot (maintaining and respecting lockdown rules, goes without saying!). This could even include little tokens such as food and drink. I personally love the small popcorn packages with the words “ready to POP” on them. Who doesn’t like popcorn?!

I hope some of these ideas help or inspire. Let me know if you found other ingenious ways to celebrate a baby shower remotely. I love hearing about this stuff. Having a baby is a special time and should still be celebrated. Growing and nurturing a small human is quite extraordinary really. She has created a little miracle. Go celebrate her! X

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