A Mother's Baby Steps and Milestone Cards are born

Hello! And welcome to A Mother’s Baby Steps!

I am Kerrie – founder and owner of this little business venture and dream of mine.

I live in South East London with my husband and 2 year old daughter, with another babe on the way, due in Feb 2020. Since becoming a mummy for the first time, I have learnt so much – about life, motherhood, relationships, but mostly about myself! It has been the most thrilling and rewarding adventure, but boy, it has been the hardest thing I have ever undertaken. Never-the-less, it has been the BEST time of my life and I am forever grateful.

Looking back on my first year as a new mother, I now acknowledge the pressure I put on myself. The deep hole I fell down and the anxiety I experienced. I can now congratulate myself on how amazing a mother I was in hindsight, but I wish I had appreciated it at the time. I wish that all mothers could realise it, because everyone is doing the best they can with what they have in raising our future generations. For that, we all deserve more acknowledgement and reward, even though we don’t expect it for one moment.

I also learnt a great deal about taking care of myself in the first year. I neglected myself in favour of my newborn, as well as keeping up appearances, which I now realise was counterproductive and put me in an adverse mindset on more than one occasion. I am not judging myself for this. I know I was only doing what I thought was best for everyone around us, but actually, those dishes can absolutely WAIT!

I discovered the term ‘matrescence’ (another blog post on this to follow) about 8 months in. This was a bit of a gamechanger for me. It explained so much of what I was feeling and going through, and that enabled me to better invest in me, respond to my body and mind, and in turn my daughter. The refreshed mindset I adopted was liberating. It made me realise that I had achieved so much and I only regretted not celebrating these things at the time.

This is where A Mother’s Baby Steps was born.

It dawned on me that we spend so much time celebrating our baby’s developmental milestones (and rightly so) with photos and baby milestone cards/ apps etc, but neglecting our own as new mothers and parents. For example, the first time I breastfed in public. I was shaking and vulnerable. But I did it and to have marked that – the date, the place. A smiling piccy, giving myself a little pat on the back and saying – yep, tick. How awesome! Or how about the day we become a mummy. The ‘first’ milestone. We mark the birthday of the newborn. But what about our own birth-story – where we become mothers and at that moment our identity will never be the same again! Let’s celebrate that moment.

And so my first product: New Mother’s milestone cards, are so so close to my heart. These cards are there to mark, celebrate and prompt special moments (however small or trivial they might seem) – as well as moments of self care, which help us to be the best mummy we can be.

So welcome to this space. I am hoping to not only provide these special cards to help you celebrate you, but also to create a community. A community of women who are all in this together, navigating this thing we call motherhood. Zero judgement. Just compassion, understanding and encouragement – oh and celebration. Always celebration.

Please do get in touch with your story or any questions. I love to connect with other mothers and parents.

K x

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